These Rare Blue Bananas Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like to eat healthy foods that taste like their favorite dishes? How many times have you wrinkled your nose at something that is very healthy and nutritious, but doesn’t taste good? The Blue Java Banana is here to fade all those bad memories. Is delicious and healthy, but it is also very rare. Well I think each one of us will go that extra mile, to finds something as healthy and beneficial as broccoli, but that tastes like vanilla ice cream!

These bananas are native to South Asia, and they have the ability to survive the most harsh environments. They require 40 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum growth, and can grow at temperatures even below zero! When they are ripe they become blue and they turn thick as well, and the Blue Java Banana is the bet substitute to all types of bananas and fruits that we eat in general.

Ensure that the zone where you need to plant it gets enough daylight and downpour. On the off chance that you are in the United States, they are developed in USDA’s zones, from 9b to 11.

Since the manors grow up to 20 feet, it is unavoidable that you have accessible space where they can develop without restriction. They need an adequate measure of watering day by day and you ought to likewise make sure that the roots dive deep into the dirt to keep it from decaying.

Use NPK compost in a proportion of 3:1:6 and apply it once per month. Presently, while applying the manure, remember that you have to pour water as well, all together for the compost to be absorbed profound. Likewise, continue expanding the measure of compost alongside the dimension of development your plant shows. Begin with some water before all else and after that continue expanding the sum.

As they develop, try to furnish them with plentiful daylight and dispose of the shoots that would suck in the supplements for the organic product. Keep in mind, tolerance is the key. It takes 9 months for the plant to develop completely. In this way, don’t become irritated and work for it.

Blue Java Banana is incredibly valuable in its very own right. It is high in potassium and has a large number of minerals in it that makes it a supplement filled dish. Likewise, it is extraordinary for weight reduction and would really function admirably with low-fat ice cream.

It is a very beneficial banana type, even the leaves of it are useful. They can survive polarized temperatures, and can be added in aluminum foils. Or you can simply use it for freezing, roasting, frying, heating, or boiling. Or you can wrap your casserole with it. These leaves can simply survive anything you throw at them.

The nutrient composition of this banana type is, 89 calories, 22.8 grams of carbs and 0.3 grams of fat for every 100 gram portion. As you can see, the Blue Java Banana is a lot lighter and healthier than any banana type out there.

Since it tastes and smells delicious, you can add it to deserts, smoothies, etc. VIDEO



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