15 Veggies Perfect for Container Gardening

Veggies are delicious, but they are also filled with numerous health benefits, especially if they grow in our backyard, they are able to help us improve our health in many ways.

Backyard gardening has various advantages. As a matter of first importance, the utilization of more vegetables will enable you to remain solid and forestall various illnesses and diseases. These veggies will be wealthy in supplements, and you will bring down the danger of the utilization of produce wealthy in unsafe synthetic substances, as you will know precisely what are you eating.

Cultivating is likewise an extraordinary physical movement, that will enable you to consume 400 calories for each hour, and it will keep your mind sharp, as it is an incredible mental exercise. Cultivating is a characteristic method to soothe pressure, and the time spent outside, in the natural air and daylight will make you feel happy and rejuvenated.

In addition, you will get a good deal on basic needs by developing your own, natural vegetables for a small amount of the expense in the stores. Regardless of whether you don’t have enough space for a bigger greenhouse, there is dependably a way, as you can attempt container planting.

These following 15 vegetables are growing perfectly this way:

  1. Peas don’t require a lot of space, therefore you can use a small pot on your balcony to grow them.
  2. Also a small pot can be used to plant chard, but you must leave it at least 6 inches of space.
  3. Small containers are ideal for collard greens.
  4. A larger and wider pot can be used for lettuce, and believe it or not it can be harvested a couple of times in the season.
  5. Smaller containers can also be used to grow peppers.
  6. Garlic can also be planted in smaller containers, but make sure each bulb is at least 5 inches away from the other one.
  7. You can grow beans in a container too, but to support their growth upwards, try using trellis, and make sure they get a lot of sunlight.
  8. Tomatoes are very easy to look after, and they can grow in a pot, they fit perfectly in a middle-sized pot.
  9. Kale can be grown in a pot, and it enjoys a colder weather.
  10. Spinach requires some shade, so make sure you put it in a container, and place the container somewhere in the corner of the porch.
  11. Zucchini is really easy to take care of, and it grows perfectly in containers.
  12. Use medium-sized pots to plant cucumbers, and water them regularly.
  13. A moist soil and a colder weather are perfect for carrots to grow, in a pot as well.
  14. Small containers are ideal for eggplants.
  15. Deeper and wider pots can be used for radishes.

Make sure you try to grow some of these nutritious veggies at home, that way you will always have fresh supplies of the vegetable you’ve planted, and you will get all the health benefits from it!



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