Homemade Citrus Body Butter That Soothes and Softens Dry, Scaly Skin Overnight (Recipe)

Dry skin is a constant fight, it is simply never-ending. I do everything that I can and I used to use diverse kinds of body salves and lotions, and even recommended creams and balms, however they never appeared to be useful, and they were quite expensive as well. I would never make tracks in an opposite direction from a circumstance where my skin wouldn’t be in peril of drying out.

It is possible that I was outside wide open to the harsh elements and the cold, or inside with the sight-seeing blowing and drying me out. I required an answer that wouldn’t be poisonous to my skin yet was still strong enough to help and heal what wasn’t right with me.

That is the point at which I began to investigate basic oils and coconut oil. For quite a while, I thought about the superb advantages that coconut oil could offer you, however I was suspicious about its impact on my skin.

By one way or another putting coconut oil on my skin made me figure I would break out and that it wouldn’t be as compelling as what I was utilizing already. Be that as it may, I figured I out it an attempt and started putting a little measure of coconut oil all over in the wake of showering or before hitting the hay. After only seven days I understood exactly how wrong I was about coconut oil.

Thus, with another understanding, I started to investigate different ways I could improve my skin naturally, without depending on over-the-counter prescriptions or creams.

Essential oils were the following stage, naturally. I read different sources that lectured their capacity to quiet, mend, and improve your life when all is said in done. So I figured, how might I utilize these two incredible natural ingredients to all the more likely improve my skin. This is the thing that I found worked the best and I haven’t thought back since.

This recipe utilizes 2 essential oils that are photosensitive-importance they respond in the sun. It’s vital to just utilize this body margarine as a smooth, saturating evening schedule, and to flush it off toward the beginning of the day.

Citrus Nighttime Body Butter -- Recipe


  • Zest of 1/2 an organic lime
  • Zest of 1/2 an organic lemon
  • Zest of 1/2 an organic orange
  • 4 to 5 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 4 to 5 drops of orange essential oil
  • A cup of organic coconut oil


  1. Put the coconut oil in a little saucepan and warm it for 15-20 seconds with the goal that it mollifies and becomes softer. When it’s warm, put it in a blending bowl and mix through it to ensure the majority of the knots are dissolved. Next, include the zest from the 3 different fruits and stir well.
  2. When you complete that, include the essential oils and blend in order for the ingredients to combine well with each other. Ensure that the oil isn’t too hot while adding the essential oils to it. Put it in the fridge to solidify for a bit. You’ll know when the oil is sufficiently strong enough, when you can make an indent with your finger in the coconut oil.
  3. Put the oil in a mixer or blender and whip it until it becomes fluffy. When it achieves the consistency you like, this body butter recipe is prepared. Store it in a container in an area that isn’t too warm so as it doesn’t melt.

And there you have it! The fresh, moisturized and smooth skin you’ve always dreamed of, and all that achieved with the little help of the homemade body butter recipe!



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