These 6 Exercises Can Easily Relieve Your Foot, Hip And Knee Pain

More than 25% of the United States population is suffering from knee pain, which is also the second largest cause for chronic pain. But even if we are not suffering from this type of pain, we are all exposed to tiredness and small injuries in a while. After these injuries happen we are all looking for a way to heal them quickly, and in this article we will show you not only that, but also how to relieve from foot, hip and knee pain!

Toe Walking

Toe walking is a straightforward exercise that should be possible while doing different errands. Simply remain on your toes and begin strolling around to strengthen your calves and your toes and feet balls. You ought to do it for as long as 15 minutes or stop when you’re feeling tired.

Heel Raises

Get a seat from behind and life one of your legs by bowing your knee. Presently, raise the impact point of the other leg until you’re on your toes, at that point gradually cut the heel down. Rehash the heel raises 10-15 times for every leg. This activity will fortify your knee muscles and lower legs.

Resistance Band

Fix an resistance band around a seat or sofa leg, at that point put one leg underneath the other and twist your knee a bit. Presently, get the curve with the toes of the top leg, at that point twist in reverse towards your head. Gradually return to the first position, at that point rehash the development multiple times per leg. This ground-breaking activity will strengthen your calves and external thigh muscles.

Ankle Circles

Lift your foot off the floor, at that point begin pivoting it at your feet multiple times inwards and outwards. Rehash the activity 2-3 times for every leg.

Walking on Balls

Put a tennis ball on the ground, at that point sit on a seat and put one foot over it. Drive the ball everywhere on your feet and appreciate the back rub for 5-10 minutes.

Toe Games

While standing upstanding, twist your toes and endeavor to snatch the floor. To make things less demanding, put rocks or a towel on the floor and have a go at snatching it with your toes.


Foot back rub and pressure point massage can likewise help in instances of hip and knee torment. On the off chance that your feet are sore and in desperate need of unwinding, knead the focuses you can see on the image for 15 minutes. This will loosen up your feet and generally speaking body and keep you torment free.



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